Modem Huawei E1550 di Windows 7

Udah lama pake ni modem biasa di windows XP Sp 2 & Sp 3 tidak ada kendala apapun. Baik memakai aplikasi bawaan 3connect ataupun pake Mobile Partner. Driver juga lancar ga da masalah.

Pertama kali install modem ini di windows 7, memakai driver dan aplikasi yang sama dengan windows xp lancar. Semua jalan dengan normal. Eh pas abis install VMWare mulai dah masalah muncul. USB tidak dikenali lagi sama aplikasi & driver juga tidak mau terinstall.

Setelah searching di mbah google, syukur deh menemukan solusi ini. Siapa tau ada yang punya masalah yang sama aku posting deh.

Vidmantas Maskoliūnas said…


don’t you have VMware products installed on your Windows machine? I experience exactly the same problem, and now disabling services one-by-one. It seems that disabling all VMware services does help me. VMware USB Arbitration Service in particular.
Monday, February 08, 2010 2:30:00 AM
Anonymous said…


You saved my day! Thanks for the hint with disabling the VMware USB Arbitration Service. I had the same problem as shown (and described) on the screenshot above and now — set VMware USB Arbitration Service to manual instead of automatic and hard reset (reboot) the system — both my 3G modems (Huawei e160 and e161) can be used as espected without the need to connect them to the PC while it starts. Thanks again!
Saturday, May 15, 2010 3:03:00 AM

Jadi solusinya mematikan service vmware USB Arbitration Service, dibuat manual aja. Klo memerlukan tinggal diaktifkan service nya…

Semoga membantu

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